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Brothers and Sisters, have ya been troubled, confused and frustrated about all that you hear concerning the condition of the Earth on which we live?  Would ya like to learn more about what is being done practically and politically and do something to help out?  Here are examples of just a few organizations!  You’ll find at least one that you relate to & you just might have some fun! Your contributions, of course, are tax deductible!  You can help Protect The Last Wild Places, Habitat, and the Air, Water and Earth right where you live.   Besides the benefits and fundraisers I support with musical performances, here are some of the organizations I support with donations that directly help people: 

1.  Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE)

2.  Mountain Conservation Trust

3.  The Nature Conservancy

4.  Trout Unlimited  

5.  Greenpeace

6.  Red Cross 

7.  Habitat For Humanity

8.  Salvation Army

9.  The Community Thrift Store 706-253-7770 (Jasper, GA) -The donated merchandise they sell funds scholarships!



12.  Chelko Foundation 

13. Georgia Sierra Club