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"PURPLE RAIN" by Bill Pound


Hittin' The Note Magazine

Hittin' the Note is the prestigious,  unofficial fan magazine for the Allman Brothers Band, including other talented musicians.   Owned by Joe and Vicki Bell.  

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Bill, I just spent the last hour listening to your new Guitar Instrumentals.  I had forgotten how happy your music makes me!!  What a fantastic gift!  Thanks for sharing, you are amazing!  Love, Sandra



Subject: your music rocks!!!!!


hey! hi!  hows life? hope u remember, this is Simrat from India...  you had called up windstream a couple 'o months back and had asked me to check your site out (dsl)... i did and your songs are awesome... i have even asked all of my friends to check out your site... i would talk about your music to as many people as i can and would also ask them to view your website... your flute music for relaxation is great. you must have heard about our Indian god Lord Krishna who was an extra-ordinary flute player... i am downloading your music and would keep in touch  to let you know what other people here in india have to say about your music...    your music, Bill, surely is a treasure...     take care and keep composing more and more music.... i would pray for your success... and please do reply if possible...                                musically yours, Simrat


Bill, everyone at the Fernbank Museum party enjoyed your music and the embiance it provided - a festive atmosphere and good conversation.  One person even said, "I know all the songs he is playing!" implying that he usually does not.  Other folks said, "Where did you find that guy?  He's great!" 

 Many thanks,   Carter


Bill, just wanted to let you know my husband and I were at the "Night at the Terraces," (Big Canoe) in August and all the music was incredible. My favorite performance of the night, in fact we were getting up to leave and stopped, was "Purple Rain."  I have loved Princes music for alot of years and when I heard your rendition of it I got music bumps, or goosebumps. Enjoyed yet another Great Performance!!! 


Jo Baggett


Hey Bill,


I loved the CD you sold me Wednesday night.  I listened to it on my way to Florida last week.  My favorite was the Louisianna song.  My 12 year old daughter commented she thought you were good, kinda mix of country and your own style.  We’ll listen on the way back also and give you a little more direct input. Good luck Bill…


Jim Doscher



Hi Bill,


We really enjoy your CD (Flute Music for Relaxation).  My daughter is carrying on the family legacy of playing the flute in our household.  My husband and I were both long time managers at Gemeinhardt here in Elkhart, Indiana; and my husband's brother is currently the conductor of the Atlanta we have a deep appreciation for this type of music.  I find this CD incredibly relaxing ...keep doing what you are doing!  You have a wonderful talent and it shows in your work.


Take care,

 Jennifer Spano  


Dear Mr. Pound:

 We appreciate your entrusting us to sell your music. We wish you the very best in your future endeavors and hope that you will continue to support the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in it's efforts to provide programs of preservation and education. Please be sure to let your audiences that your music is available at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

 Thank you.  


Mary Stansfield

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